RTS is the first Swiss media to have developed a voice-activated application. Users can now communicate with their Google Home to receive the day’s news, have access to exclusive content and a selection of archives.


Our teams have supported RTS throughout the development of this app to ensure the relevance and effectiveness of this service. After a state-of-the-art look at the opportunities that voice assistants represented for the media, the RTS Digital Lab was convinced of the need to quickly develop a voice-activated application to get closer to their listeners and create a daily link with them.


It was during a workshop that mixed the expertise of RTS and Tapptic that the bulk of the work was done. Indeed, multitudes of profiles were gathered to share their ideas of features to be integrated on the application but especially to select the most relevant. Over 30 ideas were put forward and a vote was held to identify two main features: a daily flash briefing with the day’s news and access to archives.


The plurality of the teams that day during the workshop, combining RTS’ business expertise and the technical expertise of the Tapptic teams, enabled this innovative project to be launched quickly and to benefit from functionalities close to users’ needs. We are proud of this collaboration and to have been able to combine the best of both worlds for a more than satisfactory final result.